English is comprised of several languages. In fact, about 30% of English is taken from French, 30% from Latin and another 25% from various Germanic languages (in Europe). In total, that accounts for about 85% of the English language! By adopting many languages, English has also adopted various grammatical rules from these native languages. This is why English has so many contradictory pronunciations. For example, how do you pronounce through, rough and thorough?
  ——Heather Pfeiffer
  英語由幾種不同的語言演變而來。事實上,超過百分之三十的英語詞彙是由法語演變而來,百分之三十來自拉丁語,還有百分之二十五來自(歐洲)各種日耳曼語。總而言之,這些詞彙在英語中占有百分之八十五的比例!在使用這些詞彙的過程中,英語也沿用他們原始語言中的各種語法規則。這是為什麼英語中會有許多發音容易混淆的單詞。例如,這幾個單詞,through, rough and thorough你是如何發音的呢?  (原標題:Why are through, rough and through all pronounced differently)

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